“M&K had to do nothing to change or improve their loudspeakers – they already did everything right – while others tried to reinvent themselves. Kudos to M&K Sound for being a true state-of-the-art manufacturer.”

HDTV Etc magazine

Put simply and in all modesty, no other loudspeaker manufacturer in the world can rightfully claim the title of “The Choice of Professionals”. For nearly 40 years, M&K Sound loudspeakers have enjoyed an unchallenged reputation as the world’s finest, delivering the highest levels of performance to both consumers and professionals. M&K Sound professional monitoring systems have rapidly become the standard for stereo and multi-channel production of both music and film sound.

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Equally active and respected among cutting edge recording studio personnel and discerning high end home audiophiles, M&K Sound enjoys the full benefits of extensive experience in both arenas and a unique perspective on exactly what is required to get things right in sound recording, mixing and playback.

M&K Sound loudspeakers set the standard for high-performance monitors, satisfying the needs of the world’s most demanding audio professionals who continue to choose M&K Sound for one simple reason: Trust.

  • S300

  • S150II

  • V Series

  • X Series

  • IW Series

Every day they make hundreds of artistic decisions based upon what they hear on their speakers. The trust they have in M&K Sound allows them to work quickly and effectively as they create the most breathtaking soundtracks and music ever put to film or disc.

The same level of quality that these professionals enjoy is also available to the home theater enthusiast. M&K Sound offers a full line of home theater speakers, all of which provide the listener with the same superb sound quality that audio professionals have come to expect from M&K Sound.

Developed to work in critical stereo and multi-channel environments, the tonal and spatial characteristics of M&K Sound speakers are extraordinary, regardless of the medium or the audio format.

For the same experience as the artists and engineers enjoyed in the studio, just take home M&K Sound!