NOVATRON CO., LTD has been established since 2003, and has focused on creating high quality multimedia players that deliver innovation and performance to consumers. In 2006 NOVATRON launched its first CD-Ripper & Music Server with cocktailAudio brand to the market.
cocktailAudio is a brand belongs to NOVATON, a company with IT expertise.
NOVATRON has a strong intention to turn the computer based sound technology to audiophile grade and user friendly home products. It was a challenge because the current IT industry does not satisfy these desires from the audiophile market yet.

What’s the MusicDB of cocktailAudio

The MusicDB is a database for the music collections loaded (ripped) or imported to storage(s) installed in the cocktailAudio products. The database was created by cocktailAudio in-house R&D organization, and it has been improved continuously since first launching to the market

The local storage installed in cocktailAudio will divided to different sectors. One space is for database (MusicDB), the other is for Browser space. All files (data) in the MusicDB area can’t be seen by Browser, because it’s hidden area to prevent from unexpected database crashes caused by user’s mistakes. But, the remaining space except for MusiDB area can be accessed by user at Browser mode to delete, copy or move files.

  • X50D

  • X45Pro

  • X45

  • X14

  • N15 (D)

Revolutionary High Resolution HiFi System

CD Ripper, Network Streamer, Music Server with database, Recorder, and much more............

cocktailAudio is now offering well-classified product line to the market; A pure digital music server with music database function, Player & DAC, All-In-One music player and USB DAC, which have various functions like CD Ripper, Network Streamer, Digital Recorder, and can support Native DSD file, MQA and major music stream services, and more. cocktaiAudio products replace a need for computer since they are able to play all relevant formats quickly and get out of the way, and do all of this more elegantly with superb sound quality.